Sea Light Camí de Llum, a fulls sense experience

Sealight Camí de Llum is a gift for the senses thanks to the region’s cuisine and selection of wines. 

Sealight Camí de Llum is a gift for the senses with a 2-stage round-trip mountain bike or e-bike race between Cadaqués and Collioure. 

During the route that takes us down this path of light between Cadaqués and Collioure, we will come across a number of products that are once different yet similar, and which have a story and often a common link, no matter if they are from the French or the Catalan side. The vast vineyards, cultivated in terraces due to the lay of the land, are the common denominator of the quality wines we will encounter along the route, which we will have the opportunity to sample, with scheduled stops or at the finish, once our work is done. Participants in this edition may taste wines from Cadaqués, Colera and Banyuls, as well as Collioure’s refined olive oils, the mini “sweet cap” sponge cakes from Cadaqués or the world renowned anchovies from Collioure, among other things.

Sealight Camí de Llum is a gift for the senses due to the experience of taking part in a sporting event without being hurried, in good company, sampling the regional products, with such high-quality refreshment stands at which to rest and recover at lunchtime you will be hard pressed to saddle back up. This year, lunch will be provided on route at the beautiful Sant Quirze de Colera Monastery, where there will also be an e-bike recharging station up for those who need it

Sealight Camí de Llum is a gift for the senses, because, at the end of the day, the cycling surrenders to the magic of Collioure and Cadaqués, coastal villages with a unique charm, united by a past, a present with the same need to welcome tourists with quality and magic and a future that will put them on the path to becoming modern towns, yet with the charm of eras now passed.

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