One benchmark event in the Spanish MTB scene, which will feature the prestigious German brand

ABUS always attentive to be where the runner is

The essence of VolCAT is well known: trails and mountain bike fun, thanks to the fantastic routes created for the cyclist and designed by cyclists. With this collaboration in the world of mountain biking, the German family business continues its faithful collaboration in sponsoring the Ocisport company calendar.

Avant-garde in cyclist safety

ABUS always looks for the safety of the users, it is their high priority and, therefore, they always try to improve and innovate their helmets; making them more comfortable, attractive and versatile, for all types of Mountain Bike.

Collaboration with elite running athletes provides ABUS engineers with the information they need to develop helmets that exceed all expectations. The extensive range of MTB includes Macator, Viantor, Aventor, Stormchaser and Airbreaker models for XC and marathon; the Moventor and Mount K models, two All Mountain helmets that combine great features at very competitive prices; and the circle closes with the Enduro-Trail Montrailer model, available in three different versions.

In short, ABUS helmets provide a high level of performance so that users only have to worry about enjoying their favorite sport, with the maximum protection guarantees.

A brand with a great sense of aesthetics, without leaving protection behind

With the latest lightweight, super-tech and aggressive riding models, like the new XTC SLR 29er from fellow sponsor Giant, helmets have had to evolve alike to ensure protection from bumps and drops.

And it is that we will agree that, in the Mountain Bike a simple fall can be the reason for a long-lasting injury, and, therefore, a possible loss, inability to carry your daily life at a normal pace, and a slowdown in your sport routine.

It is for this reason that being well protected makes sense beyond inertia and the obvious assumption of having to be protected, to guarantee - in a way - continuity in your day to day. And without a doubt, the ABUS team is running out of proposals to provide great solutions.

Your VolCAT challenge is still on, don't stop training, because we are waiting for you!

Two stage tests that this 2020 will become the challenge of overcoming two stages in the same weekend:

September 12 and 13: VolCAT Costa Brava will discover the best trails in the Girona region. A paradise that any biker cannot miss!

October 10 and 11: VolCAT awaits with a reduced format that will make the authentic BTT essence feel to all those participants who want to have a great time.

In addition, it is not true that as more protected, one more launches into adventure? Keep training, because we are waiting for you!