The PIRINEXUS HALF CHALLENGE discipline consists of the challenge of completing a 100% gravel route in the Les Gavarres area, starting on the seaside promenade of Sant Antoni de Calonge and finishing at the Camping Internacional de Calonge campsite. 

Participants will leave the sea and head inland into the regions of Girona following the course of the Ter river up to the Colomers dam. Once there, the course will turn left towards Les Gavarres mountains. It will then mainly run along the crest of the mountain in an easterly direction, enjoying views of the El Gironès and L’Empordà regions whilst surrounded by cork oaks. All the tracks are in very good condition and have low technical difficulty. 

There will be two basic refreshment zones for participants. The race is 115 km distance and 1200 meters D+


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Registration includes:

· The Pirinexus HALF Challenge 115 km route
· Number plate
· Maillot Bioracer
· Route book and profiles + technical support for downloading tracks at the accreditation office
· Trophy for finishers who complete the entire circuit within the set time limit
· Refreshment zones throughout the course and at the finish line
· Checkpoints
· Medical and recovery assistance during the event
· Assistance car provided by Shimano
· Technical support provided by Shimano during the event + refreshment zones for free
· Camping Internacional Calonge services
· VAT (21%)
Accreditation for support team: confirmation required.
Accompanying people
·Support team pack (2 accreditation passes for entering support zones)
· Each participant must bring a gps with them together with the downloaded track in order to complete the course. Technical support will be provided at the accreditation office for possible issues in downloading the track or transferring it to the device. 
· The event is included in the calendar of gravel union, an organisation that annually selects the four most important events at european level in the gravel discipline.
· Participants may use a gravel, cyclocross, adapted road, mtb, single speed or tandem bike.
Friday 14 June between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. at the Camping International Calonge campsite (remember to bring proof of payment in order to enter)
ARTICLE 1. This first version of these rules and regulations may be extended or modified by the organiser if it deems it necessary and justified. The final version will be published on this page and distributed sufficiently in advance to all participants.
ARTICLE 2. CLUB ESPORTIU BIKE CATALUNYA presents the fourth edition of The Pirinexus HALF Challenge (hereinafter Half). 
ARTICLE 3. The HALF  2019 will be held on 15 June 2019. Participants must be accredited on 14 June at the Camping Internacional de Calonge campsite.
ARTICLE 4. The HALF is formally considered a brevet, as stipulated by the Association of Professional Cyclists (ACP) and the Catalan Cycling Federation and therefore does not fall into the category of a race or cycle tour – it is a personal challenge. Under no circumstances do participants have any special priority over other road users along the route established by the organiser and, therefore, each cyclist must respect, at all times, the Road Safety Act and the General Traffic Regulations currently in force in Catalonia, as well as any other regulations in force along the route established by the organiser or interventions by the competent authorities in the matter, who may act freely at their own discretion.
ARTICLE 5. Neither the promoter nor the technical organiser of the event may be held responsible for any accidents that may occur during the course of the HALF event.
ARTICLE 6. In the event that a participant is seen, by a member of the organiser, to not be respecting any of the rules outlined in the Road Safety Act or General Traffic Regulations, they will automatically be disqualified as a HALF participant and, as a consequence, they will lose the possibility of being considered a Finisher of the event.
ARTICLE 7. Despite the characteristics of the aforementioned event, the organiser may implement certain measures, related to control and intervention, applicable to the group of cyclists participating in the event in order to improve said activity. These measures may be announced to participants prior to the event, or they may be decided upon and implemented at short notice. As a general rule participants must undertake to carefully follow any indications from duly accredited and equipped personnel acting as organisational members.
ARTICLE 8. The HALF event is a physical resistance activity classified as high difficulty due to its non-stop, continuous nature, consisting of a cycling route along different types of terrain, spanning approximately X km with more than X meters of cumulative elevation gain in self-sufficient conditions, that is to say, with limited support on the part of the organiser.
ARTICLE 9. In order to take part in the HALF, participants must register in advance through the event's website or through other alternative channels that are yet to be determined.
ARTICLE 10. In order to take part in the HALF participants must be of legal age and be in possession of a valid license provided by any cycling federation affiliated to the UCI. The organiser may eventually offer a license that will be valid for the duration of the event.
ARTICLE 11. It is only possible to participate in the HALF in the NON-STOP discipline on an individual basis or on a tandem bicycle (two cyclists) and the entire course set out by the organiser must be completed within a maximum period of time.
ARTICLE 12. Participants will have a maximum of X hours to complete the course. There will be checkpoints during the course with a specific maximum cut-off time. Once this time has passed participants will be invited to withdraw from the event and the organiser will proceed to dismantle the mechanisms and facilities used to support the event. Under all circumstances, participants who exceed these time limits will be considered excluded from participation and, in turn, the organiser’s protection, and may not qualify as a Finishers of the HALF.
ARTICLE 13. The organiser may establish measures to manage the potential risk derived from riding at high speeds.
ARTICLE 14. Pedal-assisted bicycles, including tandems, are prohibited from taking part in the HALF.
ARTICLE 15. GPS technology will be used to monitor the course set out by the organiser. The organiser may place signs in the ground in specific sections of the course that may lead to confusion. If this occurs, the organiser will inform participants in a timely manner.
ARTICLE 16. In order to monitor completion of the route, a combination of control systems will be used: route tracking with GPS, route card stamping and checkpoints. In regard to route tracking with GPS, the system is based on participants’ duty to carry a GPS device on them with the tracking option configured so that it the entire route undertaken by the participant is tracked with a minimum frequency of 100 meters. It is the responsibility of each participant to be able to deliver the GPS device with the route duly tracked to the organiser at any time. In terms of route card stamping, prior to the event participants will be given a HALF route card by the organiser, and at different points along the course the organiser will note down their transit time and stamp the card as evidence of having passed through said points. In respect to transit controls, this system will consist of different checkpoints along the course to verify that participants are carefully following the route set out by the organiser. Checkpoints may be known – previously communicated to participants – or unknown  – not previously communicated to participants.
ARTICLE 17. Those participants who complete the entire course set out by the organiser within a maximum of 8 hours will be considered HALF finishers.
ARTICLE 18. The organiser shall publish a list of mandatory material and a list of optional material prior to the event sufficiently in advance. However, it can already be ascertained that the following material will be mandatory: GPS receiver device, cycling licence, waterproof jacket, lights and reflective gear where necessary.
ARTICLE 19. In the event that a participant is forced or wishes to withdraw from the HALF event, they must communicate this, as best they can, to the organiser.
ARTICLE 20. As soon as a participant withdraws, they accept they are excluded from participation and, therefore, they will assume any consequences derived from their withdrawal, such as the renunciation of the benefits that registration in the HALF event entitles.
ARTICLE 21. The organiser shall have the power to forcibly withdraw from participation or temporarily stop, at their discretion, those participants who may pose a risk to their own health or that of others.
ARTICLE 22. All HALF participants must come to the aid of those participants who may require assistance derived from any kind of critical situation or an accident. 
ARTICLE 23. In order to guarantee that the event has a good general atmosphere and equal opportunities for all participants in reaching their personal goals, the organiser may forcibly withdraw from participation or impose penalties on participants based on various grounds for disqualification and penalties, which will be published in advance of the start of the HALF event.
ARTICLE 24. All HALF participants accept, by the mere fact of registering, that they are aware of and unreservedly accept these regulations. In the event that a participant does not comply with any of these regulations’ articles, they will incur penalties to be decided upon by the organiser at their own discretion, which may lead to the loss of their status as a HALF P360 participant and, consequently, the possibility of being considered an event Finisher or receiving a Merit.
ARTICLE 25. The organiser reserves the right to make important changes to the event’s features or the regulations due to unforeseen circumstances, which may lead to cancellation of the HALF event. Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the organiser’s control, which will be duly contended and justified, as a final resort the HALF event will be cancelled and registration fees will not be reimbursed.
ARTICLE 26. Registered persons shall participate in HALF under their own responsibility. They are solely responsible for their own behaviour and for the consequences derived from it, even in regard to third parties. They therefore explicitly exempt the promoters and organisers of the HALF event from any liability for accidents and eventualities that may arise from their participation.
ARTICLE 27. The organiser shall not be held responsible in the event of accidents or negligence on behalf of the participant, as well as for the loss or breakage of their personal objects.
Bib number pick up: Friday 14 June between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. at the Camping International Calonge campsite (remember to bring proof of payment in order to enter)
Departure: Saturday June 15 at 6:12 am, sunrise time at "Platja d'es monestri".
Arrival: Finish at "Camping Internacional Calonge". The estimated arrival time of the first ones is at 12 p.m
Time limit:
1- PK60 - Parlavà - 8:00 a 10:00h
2- PK88 - Santa Pellaia - 9:00 a 11:00h

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Those participants who manage to complete the entire course will receive the prized Half finisher gift, which will serve as a reminder of this glorious day. You can only be considered a Finisher if you complete the entire course, without exception, by bicycle.