· 09 FEBRUARY Sant Joan de Mediona (Barcelona)

· 06 SEPTEMBER  Vall de Boí (Lleida)

· 26 SEPTEMBER Girona (Girona). Counts towards the ranking of the UCI MTB MARATHON SERIES

· 25 OCTOBER Cambrils (Tarragona)

· 15 NOVEMBER Fonollosa (Rajadell · Fonollosa · Aguilar de Segarra) (Barcelona)


The Marathon Cup MTB calendar will consist of XCP and XCM races, and falls under the current regulations of the technical commission of the Catalan Cycling Federation (FCC by its Catalan abbreviation). Only points from the XCM category will officially count towards the Catalan Marathon Cup.

Each event is regulated by its own rules, since races may vary in terms of schedules, registration fees, etc. For this reason, we recommend reading through each event’s specifications, which are available on the official website.

For the XCM category, points from the events in Girona (25/09/2020) will count towards UCI MTB MARATHON SERIES ranking. This event will be regulated by the rules of the International Cycling Union (ICU) and Part VI of its current regulations.


· Women: Junior, Elite, Sub 23, Master 30 and Master 40
· Men: Junior, Elite, Sub 23, Master 30, Master 40 and Master 50+

· Women: Elite, Sub 23, Master 30 and Master 40
· Men: Elite, Sub 23, Master 30, Master 40 and Master 50+


REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT: Registration is open until 11:59 p.m. on the WEDNESDAY before the event. Payment must be made directly on the website by credit card. If payment has not been received, confirmation of registration will not be provided and the race bib will not be reserved. Phone: (+34) 938088091. E-mail: info@ocisport.net, www.ocisport.net.

Number plates must be collected on the day of the event and valid licenses must be handed in. Registrations made from 30 minutes before the race starts will not be accepted. Registrations made on the day of the race will incur a surcharge of €10 and will not be included in the starting grid.

Once the race is finished, participants MUST RETURN THE NUMBER PLATE TO THE ORGANISATION, where they will be given a complimentary t-shirt and refreshments.

If you do not possess the applicable federal license, you can apply for a day license (with a surcharge of €3), which allows you to participate with the same medical insurance as members of the federation. To participate in the open test you must have both a valid day license and cycling racing license.

TEAMS: In the case of teams with several participants, you must send us a FORM WITH A LIST OF THE COMPETITORS participating as a team in each event to: info@ocisport.net


The final ranking of the Marathon Cup MTB, both for inpiduals and teams, will be made up of the four best results from all five races (XCP and XCM). In the case of a point draw, the best result among the runners tied in the last test will be taken into account.

Points will be distributed as follows:

1st: 200p. 2nd: 175p. 3rd: 155p. 4th: 140p. 5th: 128p. 6th: 120p. 7th: 112p. 8th: 104p. 9th: 96p. 10th: 88p. 11th: 80p. 12th: 76p. 13th: 72p. 14th: 68p. 15th: 64p. 16th: 60p. 17th: 56p. 18th: 52p. 19th: 48p. 20th: 44p. 21st: 40p. 22nd: 36p. 23rd: 32p. 24th: 28p. 25th: 24p. 26th-30th: 22p. 31st-35th: 20p. 36th-40th: 18p. 41st-45th: 16p. 46th-50th: 14p. 51st-60th:12p. 61st-70th:10p. 71st-80th:8p. 81st-90th:6p. 91st-100th:4p. 101st-TC: 2p.


Registration: In order to qualify for the Team ranking, cycling clubs must first register their competition team with the FCC by filling out the document that can be found in the Printout section of the website www.ciclisme.cat. Competition teams may only be comprised of cyclists (M/F) competing in Elite, Sub-23, Master 30, Master 40 and Master 50/60 categories, only in the XCM discipline.

Participants: Each team must have a minimum of 2 registered participants and a maximum of 25. The whole team must wear the same coloured jersey and team advertising in accordance with the license.

Scoring: The team score is based on results achieved by 2 boys and 1 girl with a minimum of 1 finish runner.

The overall score of each team will be made up of the sum total of these competitors’ points. In case of a tie, the best result of the last test will be the winner.


Trophies will be given to the top three competitors of each event and category, and cash prizes will only be awarded for UCI MTB Marathon Series scoring events.

For the final race, a trophy will also be awarded to the top three riders in the final ranking of the Marathon Cup MTB in each category (XCP and XCM) and to the top three teams in the XCM discipline.

The leader's jersey will be given to the first-placed man and woman for XCP and XCM disciplines in each event, except for the final event, in which the leader's jersey will be given to the top-placed rider regardless of gender for each of the categories (XCP and XCM).

The cash prizes for the UCI MTB MARATHON SERIES will be as follows (Men / Women):

· 1st €200
· 2nd €150
· 3rd  €100
· 4th €75
· 5th €50


Overall leaders for both men and women must wear the jersey provided by the organisation. The jersey has a space at the disposal of the competitor reserved for the advertising of their main sponsor.

In all formal award ceremonies, participating competitors must get on the podium wearing their team's jersey and shorts.


Our sport is an activity for both competition and leisure that takes place amidst nature. Its impact on the environment is the responsibility of all participants and organisers of sporting events. Participants are asked not to drop litter along the route and to be respectful of the environment and animals.


All participants agree to transfer their image rights to the organisation, which may use any photograph or video in which they appear for the promotional purposes of the organiser.


Registration for any of the events implies acceptance and compliance with these rules and the rules pertaining to each one of the races for which the participant has registered.