A 75-km circular route in the heart of Les Gavarres.

The event will get under way in a south-east direction following the course of the Ter river. The first few kilometres will be largely flat with a combination of good quality forest tracks and B roads with very little traffic.

Before arriving in Verges, the course will turn off towards Les Gavarres.

It will then cross the C-66 at the town of Corçà, before going through Monells and linking with the road that leads up to the hermitage of Santa Pellaia. At KM 13 it will turn right onto a good quality forest track.

At the end of the ascent, in the heart of Les Gavarres in Montnegre, is the event’s second refreshment zone. Kilometric point 57.

From here the course will follow a very good quality track, passing close to the Sanctuary of Els Ángeles and then the Castle of Sant Miquel.

Before reaching the Castle of Sant Miquel, the course will head downhill in the direction of Girona. It will then enter the city by way of the Sant Daniel Valley.


Date: Sunday 2 June 2019

Time: 9 a.m.

Place: Fontajau Pavilion, Sea Otter Europe Fair

Total distance: 75 km

Approximate time of first participants: 3.5 hours

Liquid refreshments at KM: 40 (PENDING CONFIRMATION)

Solid/liquid refreshments at KM: 57

Percentage of dirt tracks: 65%

Cumulative elevation gain: 900 m