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UCI Ultra Marathon Series Class 3


LOCATION: Pavilion Fontajau (Girona)


DATE: 1st June 2018


HOUR: 9:00h

Scott Marathon CUP BTT - Sea Otter Europe
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1st June. Girona (Sea Otter Europe)

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The 3rd Sea Otter Europa-Costa Brava Girona Bike Show will be held in Girona on 1 June. The 3rd race in the Marathon Cup BTT by Scott will take place as part of the festival and run through the iconic landscape of Valle de Llémena.

The race will start in Fontajau and head towards Bescanó, passing through the countryside of Salt and along the banks of the river Ter. The riders will cross the river in Bescanó to start a climb to one of the legendary peaks in the region, Sant Grau. A fun and fast descent will then take riders down to Las Serres. This is where riders in the XCC event will break away to begin a technical section with steep inclines to reach a rapid and fun descent in Sant Martí de Llémena, where they will re-join the route shared with the other two races.

The long route will go towards Sant Climent d’Amer, where riders will face an incredible climb in one of the most iconic parts of La Barroca—El Tres Rocs—with the famous Roca Bandera, which the local inhabitants use to fly a Catalan flag. Competitors will ride onto the La Barroca mountain to follow some fun, tough and technical tracks, making this one of the most impressive places for the enjoyment of mountain biking. Riders will pass close to Santa Lena, Santa Brígida, El Bruguer and Las Basses.

Once over the pass near Las Bassas, they will reach the town of Sant Esteve de Llémena to then take the royal road to the town of Sant Martí and re-join the riders competing in the short race.

From here on out, everything is flat. The route crosses countryside, passes through Sant Gegori and continues to follow the river Ter to return along the opposite bank to Fontajau, where they will revel in the pleasure and joy of having finished this spectacular event.