Details of the timed sections at Sea Otter Europe Cycle Tour

Set a time for yourself on the legendary climbs in Girona!

The Sea Otter Europe Cycle Tour is special in many ways. Besides offering an impressive cycling festival, taking part in this event - which counts towards the Gran Fondo World Tour - will include timed sections, giving you the chance to measure yourself and push your boundaries. Afterwards, you can enjoy the rest of the route with your friends!

Three timed sections will be set up for the event: the Els Àngels pass on Saturday; and the climb to Les Serres and the Coll de Nafré on Sunday.

 Els Àngels:

The Saturday will offer a route of 160 kilometres. The challenge comes after the first 125 kilometres are behind you - the Els Àngels pass. This 10-kilometre ascent climbs a total of 415 metres. It is a climb with legendary status on the Costa Brava. It is divided into three sections. The first covers four kilometres with a 5% gradient and will start whittling down the pack. The second comprises a series of lesser ascents and descents that will let you regain your strength before taking on the third section, which covers three kilometres with an average gradient of 4.2% but with some parts reaching almost 10% on the last kilometre. This windy, rough and uneven road will take you to the Els Àngels Sanctuary, where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Gavarres mountains before starting the faster, more technical descent towards Girona. This is one of the toughest climbs on the Volta a Catalunya (UCI World Tour), which has been held on several occasions.

Climb to Les Serres:

On the Sunday, the first timed section on the 125-kilometre route and the only timed section on the 100-kilometre route will be the climb to Les Serres. This climb covers a total of six kilometres. After the first three kilometres over a false flat, the road rises into the forest over the last three kilometres with an average gradient of 4.5%. This is not a difficult climb and the peloton principle will be very important to setting a good time or getting through it without using up too much strength. It is surely a climb that every cyclist will love!

Coll de Nafré:

Sorting the wheat from the chaff on the 125-kilometre route will be a section covering 6.4 kilometres over an average gradient of 5.8%, with inclines of over 15% on the last three kilometres. You will reach the foot of this amazing mountain pass with 61 kilometres under your belt. Just like Els Àngels, it is divided into three sections. The first two kilometres present a reasonable 7% gradient and take you to the Susqueda dam and its incredible reservoir. Once at the dam, it circles the lake for 1.5 kilometres on a flat road that will allow you to take in the wonderful view of the Guilleries mountains that surround the lake and, above all, gather strength for the inclines on the last three kilometres. The road narrows, crosses a small bridge and bends to the left, presenting you with a wall of 600 metres at 11% that will push you to the limit! Once over this wall, you still have two regular kilometres at 8% to finish this timed section that will no doubt help you push your boundaries. And the reward for all your effort on this mountain pass? A sublime technical descent that will delight all downhill riding fans!

The Cycle Tour will let you measure yourself on a series of climbs that numerous champions have tried.

Are you ready to race the clock on the Els Àngels, Nafrè and Les Serres mountain passes? Register now and take advantage of the reduced prices!



Details of the timed sections at Sea Otter Europe Cycle Tour